We are not only proud of the Sweet Expression's Champions, but also very proud that the puppies are healthy and are living with wonderful loving families. 

Sweet Expression's OES are living all over the world, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, UnitedStates, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Israel, Indonesia, Estonia,Iceland, Denmark and Holland. Every 2-3 years we try to organize a puppy-day, where we invite all the puppies ( and their owners) we once bred to come and have a wonderful day with us. The OES that we breed with are all x-rayed, and they are eye and ear-tested. We also test our puppies on character and the dogs we breed
with must have the wonderful OES character.......

Some people think that the cannot buy a puppy from us because they just want a dog to love and to  have fun with, and not for shows.This is a misunderstanding!  We want our puppies to live a wonderful life and to live with wonderful people, if they want to show the dog that is their own choice!


Our first bobtail was a male,Vigilat's Uppity Yup, Reeuwijk´s Dear Tom Tod X Reeuwijk´s Fabulous Lady ) born in 1984. He died at the age of almost 13 years. Yup "produced" more than 200 children, and is to be found in many pedigrees. Our second bobtail in 1986 was Cartoon´s Copyright, ( Shapod SpecialSurprise X Trademark´s isn´t she Lovely ) winster of many CC´s. We lost her at the age of 7 years.

Photo: Pientje, Roosmarie and Yup 1987.


The next bitch we bought in 1987 was Multi-Ch. Cartoon's Going' Balloons,    ( Shapod Special Surprise X Trademark´s isn´t she Lovely ), she won the titles: German Youth Champion, Dutch, Belgium and International Champion.Herlittersister Crash at Cahoot ( Mientje) ( Shapod Special Surprise X Trademark´s isn´t she Lovely ) that we alsoowned won the veteranclass two times, in 1997 and 1998,  with an excellent . For us she is the real start of the Sweet Expression´s breeding.

Mientjewent on the 22th of october 1999 to the "Rainbow Bridge" at the age of almost 12 years.


The first Sweet Expression´s litter was born in Januari 1991, out of Ch. Sparkle Square China Blue and Shaggy Bears Kiss me Quick. Out of this combination came 3 Champions, Ch. Sweet Expression's Blue Dustin, Ch. Sweet Expression's Picturepoint and Ch. Sweet Expression's Piece of Cake.

We kept a bitch ourselves, Sweet Expression's Cover Girl. We mated her with Ch. Sugar Bear from Beautiful Highland, and one of the puppies, Sweet Expression's Tequila's Oase,  went to  Annett Muchow in Berlin, she started her kennel ( Tequila's Oase) with this bitch.

Out of a  litter in 1992 ( Vigilat´s Uppity Yup X Cartoon´s Crash at Cahoot ), I kept 2 bitches, GermanYouth Champion Sweet Expression´s Tuff Enough and Best Bitch Championshow OESCN 1994 : Sweet Expression´s True Treasure, she is the mother of our: CH. Sweet Expression's After Dark ( Jason)

The litterbrother of Jason: Ch. Sweet Expression's Ali Baba " Sammie", also made his first steps in the showring in 1999, and he was doing very well. Sammie won the Dutch Championtitle in December 2000 and the first OES-veteranchampiontitle in Holland in 2006. He died at the age of 13 years

Because of the beautiful and healhty puppies out of the first litter we repeated this combination in July 1998, and we kept 1 bitch: 
Sweet Expression's Fabulous Lady (Dommel)  . We started to show her at the age of 20 months, she won several CC's, and made it to 3 BEST IN SHOW on an International show in Israel!


Out of the combination Sweet Expression´s Tuff Enough and CH. Wunderschon´s Ismo we also
kept a bitch, Sweet Expression's Eyecatcher. 
She is the mother of our German Youthchampion & Israelian Champion Sweet Expression's Say Cheese,  and the B-litter  born in 2002. Well known children of Fleurtje are: German & Youth CH. Sweet Expression's Chic de La La and Sweet Expression's Clumsy Cupido, and   Lit. Rus., Wit-Rus. CH. Sweet Expression's Cheerio Dimple. and Hung. Ch. Sweet Expression's Cross My Heart

Out of the litter  Cartoon´s Crash at Cahoot and Ch. Zermatt a.d. Elbe Urstromtal in 1993 came Ch. Sweet Expression´s Dappere Dodo , Ch.Sweet Expression´s Duran Duran and German Youth Champion SweetExpression´s Dirty Douglas.

Our other bitch is a daughter of  Jason, Miss Moneypenny can't Take it Easy, ,  Isa". At the age of 11 months she won the official title: YOUTHWINSTER 1999.

She gave birth to 9 puppies in 2002, and we kept two daughters of her, Sweet Expression's As You can See ( Riitta). and Sweet Expression's As Good as it Gets ( Kayleigh).  Kayleigh won the youthclass at the EURO-OES show in Spain 2003 and at the youngstersday of the OESCN she became Best Bitch, at the Euro-OES show 2004 she was placed 3rd in the Openclass bitches.

Riitta won the youthclass at the Championclubshow in Holland 2003  and at the age of 14 months  in Denmark both in Odense and Nyborg the res. CC, and two weeks later the German Youthtitle at the age of 16 months. Riitta won also the competition of Best youth-showbitch of the OESCN and won the
competition of  BEST SHOWDOG of the Britische Hütehunde Landesgruppe Weser-Ems (Germany). In January 2004 she was Best in Show in Israel, and in March 2004 Best of Breed in Germany, in April she won her first CAC-CACIB at the age of 22 months. At the Euro-OES show 2004 she won the 2nd place on the Openclass bitches!In 2004 she won 3 shows in a row in Finland and won the Finnish Championtitle.

In July 2003 Isa gave birth to 1 daughter; Sweet Expression's Circus Circus, "Emma". We kept her in co-ownership with Jessica van Dijk. Emma her first show was the youngstersday of the OESCN at 4 months of age, and she got the second place out of 9 older bitches! At the Euro-OES show 2004 in Switzerland she had a wonderful debute...... 10 months old and winster of the youthclass bitches out of 22! After  that she also became BEST JUNIOR of the show! In the same month she became Best Bitch in Duisburg and Hulten, both CC shows!In 2006 Emma became the BEST SHOW-OES IN GERMANY!In 2004  Isa had her last litter, and we kept a bitch; Sweet Expression's Flirts the Judge ' July'. When we showed her for the second time at the age of 18 months she won and was Best of Breed! 

Out of the litter Sweet Expression's After Dark & Sweet Expression's Eyecatcher (01-05-2001 ), we kept a bitch, Sweet Expression's Say Cheese ( Antje ). She won the title German Youthchampion at the age of 15 months and won her first CACIB at the age of 16 months! At the age of 19 months she had won the CAC's she needed for the Title Israelian Champion! Antje had her first litter in October 2003 out of Ch. Drover's Take My Word. One of her puppies is living in Israel now, and another one ( Champion Sweet Expression's Dashing Drover, Tilda), went to Finland to kennel "Drover's"  in February 2004. Tilda won the Best showbitch Competition in Finland in 2006 

To tell the whole story is impossible, but we will keep you informed on this homepage, it
will be updated every time that there is some news under NEWS.  feel free to mail us :   Sweetexpressions@t-online.de



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